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Not everyone can mine enough coins to make their own masternodes, and not not everyone has the knowledge or technical expertise to be able to run their own masternodes. With Saltpool Shared Masternodes you can join others in collecting enough collateral so that you can participate in a masternode together and share the rewards according to how much you have contributed.

Rewards are paid out once per day automatically. Masternodes are activated automatically shortly after the required collateral has been met.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on how this shared masternode platform works.
Alternatively feel free to ask questions in our Discord support.

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Available Shared Masternodes

Below are the masternodes currently available for contributions. Please feel free to request a new masternode through the request page.

IQCash #3Available

5% Complete
Minimum required coins: 50 IQ
Coins deposited already: 165 IQ
Coins req'd for activation: 2,836 IQ
Masternode Collateral: 3,001 IQ
Fee: 2.00 credits per full node/month

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Nadir #6Available

9% Complete
Minimum required coins: 100 NAD
Coins deposited already: 631 NAD
Coins req'd for activation: 6,339 NAD
Masternode Collateral: 6,970 NAD
Fee: 2.00 credits per full node/month

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ShroudX #6Available

40% Complete
Minimum required coins: 100 SHROUD
Coins deposited already: 19,884 SHROUD
Coins req'd for activation: 30,117 SHROUD
Masternode Collateral: 50,001 SHROUD
Fee: 2.00 credits per full node/month

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Sprint #10Available

51% Complete
Minimum required coins: 100 SPRX
Coins deposited already: 12,725 SPRX
Coins req'd for activation: 12,276 SPRX
Masternode Collateral: 25,001 SPRX
Fee: 2.00 credits per full node/month

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Vipo #1Available

0% Complete
Minimum required coins: 25 VPS
Coins deposited already: 0 VPS
Coins req'd for activation: 5,001 VPS
Masternode Collateral: 5,001 VPS
Fee: 2.00 credits per full node/month

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Note, that these masternodes will remain with the status of AVAILABLE until all the required collateral has been filled, and then will automatically deploy shortly after.

Available Private Masternodes

The below masternodes are currently available if you are able to deposit the complete collateral yourself, and keep your coins in your own wallet.

ShroudX #4Available

Masternode Collateral: 50,001 SHROUD

Fee: 2 credits/month

Note, you will need to perform some actions yourself, inside your own wallet, to enable a private masternode.

Supported Projects

We are currently hosting masternodes for the following coin projects:


ROI: 118.61%*


ROI: 821.16%*


ROI: 1,669.82%*


ROI: 8.67%*


ROI: 154.94%*


ROI: 788.32%*


ROI: 221.54%*


ROI: 2,439.46%*


ROI: 59.49%*


ROI: 865.46%*


ROI: 120.67%*

Contributors are able to view more information about each masternode contributed to in the user status page.

* ROI (Return on Investment) is a per year percentage gain based on the last days' earnings and is wildly subject to change. This should only ever be taken as a general guideline and totally depends on the number of other masternodes on the same network, and the performance of both the masternode and coin network.

ROI information will appear after the first payment has been made to contributors, usually at least 24hrs after masternode activation.